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A Final Expense life insurance policy assures you coverage for the rest of your life. A Final Expense policy also gives those you leave behind the freedom and flexibility to pay the remaining expenses and debts that may be outstanding. This makes a Final Expense policy different from a burial protection policy exclusively covering burial costs. Final Expense polices allow for insurance to choose the coverage amount appropriate for your circumstances. You can tailor the policy to your personal needs.

These funeral expenses include:

Burial Insurance

burial cost

Burial Insurance Casket
Burial Insurance Headstone
Burial Insurance Funeral Service
Burial Insurance Visitation/Viewing
Burial Insurance Minister
Burial Insurance Hearse

Additional costs are often associated with the death of an individual:

Burial Insurance Legal Fees
Burial Insurance


Burial Insurance

Doctor Bill

Burial Insurance

Pay off debts like mortgage, car, credit cards

Burial Insurance Legal costs at death (probate, taxes, etc.)


Final expense insurance can spare your family not only some of the costs but also allows you to specify details of your funeral and burial.  This way, they are not scrambling to make important financial and emotional decisions during a difficult time made more difficult due to lack of pre-planning.

Facts to Consider:

  • Determine whether you have life insurance or Whole Life Insurance or other savings that may be used for funeral expenses. Don't buy coverage that's not essential.
  • Review your state's laws on pre-need insurance before you meet with a planner at a funeral home.
  • Discuss a burial policy with your family and lawyer.
  • Research different companies and options.


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